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The Fedora series consists of 16 novels written over a period of twenty years, all taking place in exotic locations.

In the first novel, Secret Ministry, Johnny Fedora is introduced as a secret agent whose forte is the ability to outshoot, outwit, and outmaneuver his Cold War opponents. In subsequent novels, he is often teamed up with Sebastian Trout from the Foreign Office. Johnny's connection with British intelligence is unofficial, but is hired by them for specific assignments.

Original Title Year Also published as
Secret Ministry 1951 The Nazi Assassins
This Traitor, Death, 1952 The Gestapo File
Dead Man Falling 1953 The Hitler Diamonds
Intrigue 1954 Trieste
Height of Day 1955 Dead Men Alive
High Requiem 1955  
Johnny Goes North 1956 The Swastiza Hunt
Johnny Goes East 1957 Mountainhead
Johnny Goes West 1958  
Johnny Goes South 1959 Overload
The Head 1960  
Undertow 1962  
Hammerhead 1963 Shockwave
Feramontov 1966  
Timelock 1967  
Sunburst 1971  



Fedora: published 1951-2011
The novels reached notable popularity in the late 60’s and early 70’s, many of them being republished in the USA under different titles. Following the great demand for espionage novels at that time, Award Books published the “Johnny Fedora Espionage Assignment series” from 1968-1971.

The last five Fedora books are sometimes called the Feramontov Quintet. They share a common antagonist in Feramontov, a Soviet secret operative. The quintet begins with Undertow and includes Hammerhead, Feramontov, Timelock, and Sunburst. Like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Moriarity, Fedora and Feramontov see each other as arch enemies, although here the stakes are higher with, on occasion, the future of civilised existence at stake.

The durability Johnny Fedora is reflected in novels such as Undertow, last published in November 2011, over forty five years after it was originally written.

Many of the novels are also available in eletronic format on Amazon Kindle.

Book Reviews
Dead Man Falling
"Desmond Cory is a writer of thrillers who really can write. He combines verve and intelligence with genuine skill in the use of words" - Sheffield Telegraph

"Johnny Fedora is the 'thinking man's James Bond' who spends his life 'dealing with the cold-bloodiest bastards on this earth" - Books and Bookmen

"Desmond Cory seems to me to accomplish precisely what Fleming was aiming at. This is a sexy, colourful, glamorous story, written with finesse, economy, humour, and full and inventive plotting"- New York Times

"Desmond Cory has written the ultimate in international spy activities ... a real old-fashioned thriller." - New York Morning Post
"For my money, Johnny Fedora, professional killer for British Intelligence, more than deserves to take over James Bond's avid audience." - New York Times

Secret Ministry (2011 edition)
"I am an incorrigible aficionado of crime and spy novels, especially those written between the 1930s-60s. Hammett, Deighton, Fleming... these are names that will strike a sympathetic chord with enthusiasts of the genre. But for me, the Holy Trinity is Cheyney, Chandler and Corys- Amazon Book Reviewer

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