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In 1991, after a decade of dedicating his writing efforts to academic works, Cory returned to writing mystery novels, introducing a new series character, Professor John Dobie.

The first Dobie novel, The Strange Attractor , introduces us to an absent-minded maths professor who stumbles into the world of computer hacking, high-tech thievery, and multiple murder. Through wit and a clever plot, Cory takes Dobie through an intriguing sequence of events where he is drugged, tied up and made to witness a murder. New characters such as his girl-friend Dr. Kate Boyle, and Detective Inspector Michael Jackson (Wacko Jacko) add further spice to this clever mystery novel.

The Strange Attractor was enthusiastically received, Publisher’s Weekly calling it a “near perfect puzzler, written with intelligence and laced with wit.” .

Original Title Year
The Strange Attractor
(published as The Catalyst in the USA)
The Mask of Zeus 1992
The Dobie Paradox 1993

Unlike earlier series characters that depended on speed and brawn, Dobie solves murders by applying laws of maths and probability. In his second novel, The Mask of Zeus, Dobie arrives in Cyprus to take over the chair of a woman murdered by her husband. He has to put aside the memory of his own wife's tragic death and use literary allusions, historical events, and mathematical logic to unravel a mystery based in mythology. Despite its humourous style, there is a serious side to this book, touching on the politics and atrocities of the more recent civil war.

The third, The Dobie Paradox, sees John Dobie and Dr Kate Coyle return to Wales where they brave an Atlantic gale to visit a patient in a clinic, only to find a young girl lying in a coma. Like its predecessors, the joy of the book lies in the wit of its writing, and in the ingenious plots that Cory conjures up.




Book Reviews
The Strange Attractor
"This near-perfect puzzler, written with intelligence and laced with wit." - Publishers Weekly
"A genuine baffler.. Offbeat, funny, and ingenious. Embrace the technology and enjoy." - Literary Review

The Mask of Zeus
"Cory composes his mythical mosaic with stunning literacy." - The Sunday Times

The Dobie Paradox
"You hear there was a Golden Age of thrillers in Britain between the wars. When you read Cory you realize that it hasn't ended."- South Wales Echo
"Cory goes in for complex plots, but the joy of the book lies in the wit of its writing"- Tablet


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