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On the Gulf - Desmond Cory's new novel

Desmond Cory is back with his new thriller "On the Gulf". Here are just some of the reviews it has received:

  • It has been far too many years since I had the pleasure to read a new work by Desmond Cory and now that wait is over. "On the Gulf" is a terrific return by a master who creates really interesting and complex characters and throws them together with a plot that keeps the reader guessing. Though several different people have major parts in this tale, the one called Bone is my favorite and I really enjoyed following him. The craziness of the Middle East political scene is a must read but will leave you shaking your head at the way allegiances seem to change for reasons that are realistic as they are frustrating. The Cory style of writing is truly a pleasure. Randall Masteller ""

  • Desmond Cory has always been a great writer, but with this novel he shows us a new aspect of his writing. Kindle Reviewer 2012

Begin Murderer! - Lindy Grey series being republished on Amazon

The debut novel featuring Lindsay/ Lindy Grey. Crime on the Sussex Coast: On a black, wet night, Lindy finds his latest client, a wealthy painter and collector, smashed up at the foot of a cliff. Other murders follow. Set on Worthing and Brighton coastline.

BEGIN MURDERER is a British semi-tough thriller of good quality by Desmond Cory. Lindsey Grey, the narrator, is a private, ex-policeman detective who can bang about with the best of them but can also quote poetry in his more reflective moods. Here he investigates the death of a wealthy painter, critic and art collector, and the strange disappearance of much of his collection. Other murders follow.

The ladies in the book, particularly the widow, are luscious to the point of wishful thinking and Mr. Grey's restraint under sustained provocation would entitle him to a pat on the back from St. Anthony himself. The means used to effect the disappearance of the collector's treasures are neat and, I think, original. The villain is unscrupulous enough to appeal to the strangest taste. In short the book is very readable but perhaps tidiness is a little sacrificed to pace. This is Mr. Cory's second thriller: others will be welcome. - Books of the Month

Lindy Grey, though turned out on the thriller model, is a true detective at heart. He has a heart, moreover, though one wouldn't think it from his debut – when, on a black, wet night, he finds his latest client smashed up at the foot of a cliff, and breaks it to the family in wisecracks. There are two "dames", the daughter of the corpse and his alluring widow. The hero's basic principle is to suppress evidence and to delude the police; but it is quite well meant, and all the action is heading somewhere. The style is thoroughly effective and assured. - Illustrated London News


Previously unpublished interview with Desmond Cory released

A hitherto unpublished interview with Desmond Cory has been released with the new pubication of Undertow by Ostara Publishing.

In the interview, Cory reveals where he got his pen-name from, and who inspired him during his early years as a novelist.

View : full 2011 interview with Desmond Cory


Desmond Cory novels now available as audio books

With permission of the author and the Desmond Cory Foundation, some of Cory's novels are now available in audio format via The Royal National Institute of Blind People(RNIB).

The RNIB is the leading UK charity offering practical support and information to anyone with a sight problem. Their pioneering work helps - not just with braille, talking books and computer training but with imaginative and practical solutions to everyday challenges. Its patron is the Queen.

The Cory books available in audio include:
Title: Bennett
Narrated by: Peter Barker
Synopsis: Bennett, author of intricate detective novels, is suspected of having murdered an au pair on the Costa del Sol.

Title: The Circe Complex
Narrated by: Robert Gladwell
Synopsis: Ollie Milton, psychiatrist and social worker, plans to spring his girlfriend's husband out of prison so that he can lay his hands on the jewels he has stolen and so carefully hidden. But too many people get involved, and the results are unexpected.

Both books form part of the psychological thrillers written by Cory.

Desmond Cory's first Fedora novel available on Amazon Kindle.

In commoration of the 60th anniversary of Cory's first published detective and espionage novels, a number of his early works will be republished. Cory's first two novels featuring Johhny Fedora will soon be available on Amazon Kindle. More could follow.


New interview with Desmond Cory found

New interview with Desmond Cory found A previously unpublished interview with the author Desmond Cory has been found. In this interview Cory talks about his books and reveals some of his motives behind each of his best-seller novels.





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