Critical Acclaim


Critical Acclaim for Cory

  • "There is these days a comparatively slender band of first-class writers who are producing thrillers worthy of serious attention – among them authors like Margaret Allingham, John Creasy, Carter Dickenson, David Dodge, Ellery Queen, Simenon, and, of course Agatha Christie.
    Among them, too, is Desmond Cory, a man whose ingenuity, imagination, and good humour pervade his works with an agreeable excitement and readability." — Bristol Evening Post 1960
  • "A remarkable literate suspense story. Certainly Cory's name will be one to reckon with after this."
    The Book Buyer's Guide 1965
  • "As one has come to expect from Cory, colorful action, copious carnage, elaborate intrigue, frequent surprises."
    — New York Times Book Review 1966
  • "I must say once more that I find Cory's Johnny Fedora a much more persuasive violent, sexy and lucky agent than James Bond."
    — Boucher "Criminals at Large" 1967

  • "Readers who like their thrillers to complement their intelligence must on no account miss Mr. Cory".
    — Edmund Crispin, The Times 1971
  • "A really outstanding novel, remarkable not only for its ingenuity (though there is plenty of that), but also for the high intelligence and literary skill with which its essentially commonplace materials are handled."
    — The Sunday Times 1975
  • "This near-perfect puzzler, written with intelligence and laced with wit."
    — Publishers Weekly 1992.
  • "You hear that there was a Goldern Age of thrillers in Britain between the wars. When you read Cory you realize that it hasn’t ended."
    — Echo 1993
  • "Fedora was certainly Desmond Cory's most famous character, but he was a prolific writer in several fields and famed for thrillers such as Deadfall (filmed with Michael Caine) and The Circe Complex which became a successful television series. He also did a nice line in quirky detective novels, and I especially remember The Strange Attractor which I reviewed for the Daily Telegraph about twenty years ago."
    — Mike Ripley, Getting Away with Murder, 2011
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